What to expect from circusmind media

we are all about helping you reach your project goals. whether it be taking your portrait, filming your marketing strategy, recording a song or helping you with the forever growing social media challenges, we have it covered. 

Erich Morse - owner/Digital content creator  

erich lives for everything creative and wears several hats. photographer, musician, filmmaker, social media butterfly all coupled with a strong background in information technology. he has worked with companies such as national geographic, CBS, America online and office depot. 

erich gives a lot credit to his father for having a Pentax 35mm camera and a black and white dark room in his childhood years. "my dad  handed me the keys to another world of which I feel I have a lot to give back to others. Those smell of dektol days may be over, but those same values remain."

- Erich morse -  



We can Sink or Swim...We can Conform or Reinvent


let's face it digital CONTENT AKA “SOCIAL MEDIA”is vastly important for your business. We will strive to embrace your brand and the challenges that come with today's social media platforms. let us ease those pressures and challenges and allow you to focus on what you do best... Your craft, your busines